A new pancake recipe!

I've been messing around with gluten-free pancakes for a while now. The first batch tasted like baking soda, the second batch like cardboard and the third....tasted wonderful! From there, I've been tweaking it and adding extra goodies and now it is ready to share with you!

Here goes:

mix the following together in a medium-sized bowl:

1/2 c buckwheat flour

1/2 c quinoa flour (you could also do 1/4 c quinoa flour and 1/4 c of another flour of choice...I'm going to try hemp flour next time)

1/4 c unsweetened shredded coconut

2 T tapioca starch or cornstarch (optional)

2 T sugar (optional) 

2 T ground flax meal

1 T chia seeds

2 T baking powder

1 t cinnamon

1/2 t cardamom

1/4 t salt


make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add:

1/2 c milk of choice

1/2 c water

dash of vanilla extract and/or almond extract

2 T melted coconut oil or melted butter


mix til just combined, and let sit for a few minutes. Heat some coconut oil or butter in a cast iron skillet til just barely smoking. Cook on one side for 2-3 minutes, until the edges are dry, then flip and cook an additional minute. 

Serve with your favorite jam, syrup, etc

Makes 2-3 servings