FOOD AS MEDICINE: Seasonal, Nutrient-dense, Mineral-rich, and Plant-based Meals

Interested in honing your skills, exploring new cooking techniques, or learning about a variety of ingredients and their health benefits? We offer individual cooking classes with customized menus and recipes responsive to your desires for a balanced body>< life. Sessions take place at your kitchen. We start with a listening and movement exercise, get into a meditative and conscious practice of cooking, and complete with a collective meal. We bring all the ingredients and equipment. To schedule a class contact Meiko at

Presented food-as-medicine meals:

  • Socca I Spring Vegetable, Chickpea Flour Crepe 

  • Soup I Coconut Curry I Nettle & Radish Top

  • Noodles I Sweet-potato & Beet I Miso-chipotle Sauce

  • Salad I Watermelon, Feta, & Purslane I Mint & Basil

  • Salad I Cucumber & Wakame