Guerrilla Food

Guerrilla Food began as an extension of my farm-work with Brother Nature Produce back in 2011. I began cooking out of the Pink Flamingo airstream trailer on Thursdays, using produce from the farm. We called it the taco truck or the guerrilla foodcart, to symbolize the underground nature of the endeavor. I chose to call it Guerrilla Food to evoke the concept of using food as a tool for resistance: against the corporate ownership of food and against societal and individual illness. However, the double entendre lends itself well to parts of the mission too. Gorillas are massive yet gentle animals who lead peaceful family-centered lives and survive off a completely vegetarian diet. For me, this helps balance out the highly militarized ethos of guerrilla to evoke something peacefully resistance-based. 

Guerrilla Food is an evolving practice. During our second season, I met Kiley through community organizing work on Field St and we fell in love. Our work and our lives quickly grew together and before long he became an integral part of Thursdays at the Pink Flamingo and the work of Guerrilla Food.  What we do with Guerrilla Food is multifaceted: it is seasonal and personal chef work and catering; it is pop-up brunches and dinners; it is workshops and classes; and it is Thursday farm-to-table meals in a community garden in North Corktown. At its core, it is providing food that nourishes the body and soul, restores the spirit and replenishes our vital energy sources. Guerrilla Food is Food as Medicine.